Project #1: Inside Egypt

The food Bank, an NGO, is trying to eliminate hunger in Egypt by 2020. They are collecting financial donations, contributions and excess food from different companies and use them to provide food for the poor. It was originally created by young entrepreneurs in a company with other hotels and restaurants. It started in 2005 in an event attended by businessmen, Ali Gomaa “Mufti of the republic”, and people from many charity groups. There are many similar groups fighting off poverty in Egypt. As the economy falls, the rate of poverty rates increases and the need for charity grows. Many people right now are running out of funds and needs more help from Egyptian citizens to rescue many people from dying out of hunger. It all started with the 25 January revolution. Many of the people that give charity are affiliated with the Islamists. After Mohamed Morsi was removed from power. Resala’s president, an NGO, was prevented from traveling and all bank accounts freezes and they considered him as a figure of Muslim brotherhood and this was not good news for the charities they supported. This happened also to Neyazi Sallam, the CEO of the food bank; they accused him for providing meals for the Islamist siting at Rabaa Al Adaweya in Cairo. They forced Sallam to Make a newspaper advertisement and deny any affiliation. The food bank provided meals to about 2.8 million families last year, up from 96,000 in 2006, according to its website.




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