Many organizations and authorities made campaigns in order to encourage people to stand up against poverty. But none of these organizations took one step in order to help reducing this problem. Few projects have affected poverty dramatically such as Azizia, the message, the food bank and many other projects, but where is the rest?? These projects truly helped the people to be able to go above the poverty and hunger lines. We came up with an idea that can help to rise up with the economic state of the regions facing poverty. We recommend that the government should add up from 1-3% on any item or goods price same as the taxes, but for poverty line. In addition to this each citizen should pay annual fees of 1$, and all of this money should go under the name of “fighting poverty”. Let’s say for example, Egypt population is 80 million, if each citizen pays these annual fees for 1$, the government will have more than 60 million Egyptian pounds per year. We believe that this money is enough to help in building projects and beneficial services for the people in need. We should also encourage people to do more charity work and increase the number of charity associations and organizations.

-written by AM. (approved by all the authors)


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