Project #5: Outside Egypt

The National Illiteracy Action Project offers a five-year plan to reverse the illiteracy trend in America by creating Community Literacy Collaborations to solve America’s illiteracy problem

The purpose of Community Literacy Collaborations is to provide literacy educational tutoring services to Title 1 students, to provide literacy educational tutoring services to adult workforce participants and to encourage the creation of community collaborations. Participation in a family literacy program can best be implemented with the community as a hub.

America needs Community Literacy Collaborations to help increase parental knowledge of their rights in the education of their children. These collaborations will encourage participation and achievement in Federally funded adult literacy programs, the Federally funded No Child Left Behind Supplemental Education Services and the hundreds of private and business funded literacy programs.

First, illiteracy is a community problem, not a school educational problem, and needs to have Community Literacy Collaborations involved to help reach the families in the illiterate population. These Community Literacy Collaborations must be comprised of businesses, faith-based organizations, and other community partners.

Secondly, the current literacy programs used by organizations, funded by the Workforce Act and US Department of Education must change and new programs that work based on the scientific research results of the National Reading Panel study must be utilized.

Thirdly, these Community Literacy Collaborations are motivated and benefited by the economic and community achievement of functionally literate adults. The maintaining and control of individuals running the program components is already in place at the Federal level (National Leadership Activities) and does not require any additional Federal funds, (such as Title I NCLB SES Supplemental Educational Services, Workforce Act and Adult Education) to operate these collaborations.


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