Project #4: Inside Egypt

ERP’s Adult Literacy Component

ERP’s Adult Literacy component focuses on combating illiteracy in those administrations in the seven governorates with the lowest enrollment and pass rates for literacy as measured by AEA. In just a short time, ERP has seen a dramatic increase in learner outcomes in terms of the number of learners entering literacy classes and passing the official literacy competency exam. In fact, in three of the seven governorates in which ERP is working – Cairo, Fayoum, and Minia, the targeted administrations have achieved the highest percent increase in terms of enrolled learners and exam pass rates according to official AEA figures. Many of the other ERP administrations have had equally impressive results. This is quite notable given the presence of contextual factors that often influence literacy class attendance and learning such as traditional gender roles, the opportunity costs of attending literacy classes and variability in AEA branch and administrations leadership.

In addition to the impressive increases in official literacy statistics, the three administrations were selected because of innovative program features:

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