Project #3: Outside Egypt

Programs in Indonesia had been constructed in an attempt to reduce poverty. Objectives were to identify the real poorest families according to the following: 1) all house members cannot practice their religion freely 2) all house members are not able to eat twice daily 3) house members have the same clothes for home, school, and work 4) the largest floor area is earth 5) house members don’t have access to medical assistance for sick children. One of the most important programs that succeeded was health care program that aimed to provide real health care especially for the poor people This program aimed to provide free health care services for the poor people, and evidence suggested that people in the poorest families received twice as much as free health care services that the non-poor which made a significant recovery among the poor people. Significant drop in poverty rate occurred by dropping from 47.7 to 45.2 percent in six years from 1970 to 1976, and then additional elven years to drop to 34.4 percent, and according to BPS, the rate dropped into only eleven percent by 1996.




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