Project #3: Inside Egypt.

Another project that have taken place in Egypt and by AUC students was “azizia” project made by the Enactus club of the AUC. Azizia is a small village in cairo were all of its residence were under the poverty line. The population of aziza is 8000 people and this village was so well known with its palm trees that was filling it. And like any other poor society azizia had a very high percentage of unemployment and weak living standards. Moreover, the women in azizia had no role at all in activating the economy of this poor society. Therefore the students started to think about a way to help these people. Argon of palm trees were normally burned or thrown away in azizia. So they took a step and started opening workshops for the women in order to support their families. These workshops purpose was to recycle this argon and start making baskets, curtains and hand begs for them to sell and have a sustainable source of income. This project started at 2011, and by 2014 more than 60% of the women were able to help their families and to be above the poverty line. This project didn’t just help the economical state of this village, but also it helped them environmentally as they used the Argon instead of burning it and increases the pollution. And this was the first from 10 projects plan made by the enactus organization.




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