Project #2: Outside Egypt

The Borgen project. In the 1990, the poverty rate was 36 per cent, but by 2010, it decreased to 18 per cent. Millennium Challenge inspired many people; its goal was to end poverty and it did so even before the scheduled time by 5 years. Also the number of infants dying every year decreased by 30 per cent in the past 15 years and this shows the improvement of the quality of life for thousands of infants. Education improved with high rates, which will result in more children qualified to support and help their families in the future. Bill Gates added that there won’t be poverty anymore by 2035. There are huge success now and people are still working harder to achieve more success. In December of 2013, 46 countries all over the world stepped up against poverty and started the fight by committing to give 52 billion dollars donation over 3 years. These money will go directly to the International Development Association, which is a fund consisted by the World Bank to support people who can’t find food or shelter. But the fight is not over, nor will it be an easy fight to win.



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