Project #2: Inside Egypt

Message “Resala”

Message is a charity association that is doing a lot of activities inside Egypt. It began as a movement in 1999 by the students of engineering in Cairo University and began its massive charity work in 2000. Now Message has now more than 60 branches around the Egypt. Students of engineering wanted to develop their society and to push it forward. Their activities was about donations, serving colleges and the elderly and the orphanages and hospital visits. Volunteers from young men and women and children and adults in message are working together towards a brighter future. They opened a hospital by the name charity message and including many branches such as women, surgery, invisible, teeth, brains and nerves and etc. In the second phase, they were more concerned to build operating rooms and accommodation rooms with the latest equipments. They opened schools including kindergarten and first primary and will gradually open to all academic levels later on. Message charity association is a huge association that help very much in ending poverty in Egypt and putting smile on each person’s face. They have many activities such as blood bank, handiwork, advertising, Ensan awareness, Forsan Resala, charity visits, training centers, helping blind and deaf, recycling and etc.



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