Project #1: Outside Egypt

The most remarkable example of a country that overcame or was able to decrease poverty in a significant way was Brazil. In 1968 Brazil introduced a long-term plan that aimed in setting a course plan for Brazil’s future, it was called the Real stabilization plan. This plan concentrated on appreciating the Brazilian currency which in term increased interests and it attracted investments and capital that helped in stabilizing the country’s economy and helped in setting plans for the future due to the availability of capital needed for major developing projects. The trust that investors had made Brazil a remarkable market for industry and investment, it helped raise exports of famous Brazilian products and industries like soya, steel, cotton, oil, biofuels and regional aircraft and specially the coffee industry. The exports jumped to 6.2 US dollars in 1973 compared to 1.4 US dollars in 1963, this was a conclusion of the plan that was introduced and due to the legal and constitutional laws that were amended to help investors to invest in Brazil more easily. After the success in strengthening the trust of investors the GDP of the citizens was then measured to see if their lives have changed after this huge success in the economy.  Fortunately the GDP of Brazil in the 1970’s increased to 35.2 billion dollars and it had a growth rate that varied between 2.2% and 4.8%. The thing that was most remarkable was that Brazil focused on Education from the day they started their development plan because the leadership at that appreciated the important role of Education in improving the country’s economy which will return provide the country with the skilled trained workforce required. This plan is considered successful because till now Brazil has a high growth rate and it is still a promising place for investors. Over past recent years the GDP is still growing to reach 2245.67 billion dollars in 2014 compared to 882.19 in 2006 with a stabilized promising view for the future



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