Example #5: Measurement Inside Egypt

In Egypt’s population 25.9% above 10 years are illiterate, according to the central agency for public Mobilization and statistics (CAPMAS) in 2013.  This report compared Egypt’s illiteracy rate with 17 other Arab countries and Egypt was ranked the Fourth. Also they compared Egypt’s illiteracy rate between 2006 and 2013 and they concluded that it decreased with a rate of 3.8%. This report showed that the illiteracy among people above the age of 60 was 64.9%, exceeding the young from age 5 to 24 with 8.6%. Moreover, the illiteracy rate of people living in urban areas reached 19.1%, which that of the countryside reached 31.2%. in conclusion, Upper Egypt has the highest illiteracy rates, such as Fayoum (37%), Sohag (35.5%), Minya (35%) and Asyut (32.5%).



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