Example #1: Measurement Inside Egypt.

According to the “United Nations Food Agency”, poverty has increased on a high rate specifically in the past three years. The “UN World Food Program” stated that many different aspects have caused the poverty rate to increase as the popular avian flu in 2006, and the food crisis in 2007. As a result of these aspects, Poverty rate increased as people had difficulty in having good nutrition with reasonable prices. WEP and CAPMAS stated that in order for poor families to survive, they had to buy cheap food, which definitely lacks good nutrition. As a result, thirty one percent of kids aging less than five suffer from bad nutrition. In addition, CAPMAS revealed that poverty endures more in rural areas, and the highest poverty rates are in Assiut and Qena, located south of Egypt. Furthermore, CAPMAS issued that one of the major causes of poverty is population growth, as poor families in Egypt tend to have many children as they can, so at the adolescent’s age or ever before, these children would go out for work and increase their families’ incomes. Also, data showed that that Egypt’s population growth rate increased up to 2.5 percent; meanwhile other developed countries have a population growth rate of less than 0.6 percent



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